Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Beds

Sunday we traveled to the beach after church. The 10 volunteers and all 16 children piled into one tro-tro (small bus) and traveled about 30 minutes to KO-SA. KO-SA was absolutely beautiful and the children had such a good time. Most of them were too scared to go in the water past their waists, but a few were daring and we taught them how to swim and float on their backs. After swimming we gave the children Kenkey for lunch and played some beach volleyball. The children had such a great time. When we got back after dark that evening they played some music and we got to watch the kids dance.
Old bunks

On Tuesday we had the children’s fans installed and gave them their mattresses and pillows. For most of the kids it was their first time having their own beds. They used to have very worn down cushions for the beds and they would sleep two people to a bed. I can’t imagine how hot it must have been. We decided to write each of their names on their mattress and pillow so that they understood that they belonged to them and they would take good care of it. The smiles from the children were priceless. They were so happy and thankful.

                                                                New Bunks

Wednesday was Africa Day and the children had the day off from school. A few of us traveled to Cape Coast with the two children that do not have school uniforms in order to have them measured for uniforms. The 2 boys were so excited to be able to go to Cape Coast for the day and we ended up going to the homes where each of the boys grew up. It was heartwarming to hear the people start to call their names as they got close to their neighborhoods. The boys were happy to show us where they came from and it was wonderful to see how much better they are doing now that they live at Sankofa Mbofra Fie. The people close to the boys could not thank us enough for what we have done for the children.

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