Monday, May 23, 2011


I have started teaching at the school part-time while I am not at the orphanage. The kids at the orphanage are pretty independent so it’s is really most important to spend time with them after school and before bed. Hanging out with them before bed is my favorite. A couple of us usually head to the orphanage at about 7, after they have eaten and bathed. We help with homework and my favorite thing is to read with them. They LOVE the books, but unfortunately we only have 4 so we have been reading the same ones over and over.
From our experience, we have found that the school needs the most help. There were 4 decent sized rooms and two tiny rooms when we arrived. They have since built a couple more rooms that are now being used as the nursery and kindergarten. The quality of the teaching is very poor. For example many of the kids can write the alphabet but when you tell them to write the letter “E” they can’t do it. On Wednesday I taught class 4 long division, but many of the students don’t know their times tables, so it was very difficult for them. The headmaster wants us to work with students individually on reading, but the children have no books. 

They love my sunglasses

Friday I traveled with the director of our organization, David, and the two volunteers from France, and one from Germany to Cape Coast in order to buy mattresses, pillows, underwear, bath sponges, and things that the children really need. It was an extremely long day, because here in Ghana 1 hours means 3, and every place you go you wait for, as they say, 1 hour and the hours add. We were able to buy a mattresses and pillows for all the children that are good quality. We also attempted to get school uniforms for the 3 children who do not have them, but we will have to return next
Canopy walk
week. We picked up the tables and chairs for the kitchen as well so they will not have to sit on the dirty floor with flies swarming them.

When we were finished in the late afternoon I met 4 of the other volunteers and we traveled to Kakum National Park for the night. We stayed in a hotel (with a shower!) inside the park and in the morning we did the canopy walk and went to a monkey sanctuary before heading back to Cape Coast. Tomorrow we plan to take the children to the beach!


  1. Brittney, is there a way to get books out there for the kids? Suggestions for what kind/grade level?

  2. I have actually been e-mailing Jay. I beleive he is going to bring books when he comes to Accra. I am not sure how much he can bring, but if there is anyway for you to get some books to him that may be best. I could get you a mailing address, but mail is VERY unreliable and probably very expensive. I just found out he is actually the pilot of my flight from Accra to Atlanta on the 3rd. I am trying to start a library at the school so the books would be SOO much help! I am meeting the cheif tonight to talk about plans. They need ALL kinds of books. Ages 2 - 15. I would estimate at least half of the 250 kids in the school cannot read, but some read pretty well. Color by number and things like that I have found to be great as well.

  3. Brittney, I'm coordinating with Connie and Jay to get more books to you.

  4. Brittney, the Leeds Alumni Affairs office would like to do a writeup about this. You ok with this? It might help generate financial support for the kids.

  5. I have gotten three boxes of books so far and will be getting paper and pencils. Look forward to meeting you.